Science & Math Degrees
Science & Math Degree

Science and math careers are many and varied. If you have a powerful sense of curiosity; are drawn towards numbers and formulas; or have a naturally analytical mind, an online degree in science or math may be ideal.

You can choose to concentrate in traditional natural sciences like biology, chemistry, physics, and others, or you can pursue the earth sciences like the environment, agriculture, and geology. Scientists can find jobs ranging from the pharmaceutical industry, astronomy, avionics, and many more. Your choices are virtually limitless so whether you wish to work in a spotless laboratory or a swamp, you're likely to find a career tailored to you.

Mathematicians also enjoy plentiful career options in areas such as statistics, software programming, demographics, and even biological sciences.

In either pursuit, you're going to encounter classes beyond the core curriculum that cover challenging subjects such as chemistry, mathematics including advanced courses in calculus, geometry, and algebra as well as in many instances, computer science and engineering.

Online Degree Choices

Most online degree offerings in science and math are for bachelors, masters, and doctorate programs though some advanced certificate options are available. In any event, as usual the higher the degree you obtain, the more career options and higher salaries are available. As a general rule, employers will definitely desire you more if you have a four-year degree, however, some science certificates will entitle you to work as a lab assistant or technician. Research and teaching positions are typically given to individuals who earn PhDs.

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