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Engineering Degree Programs

Engineers essentially bridge the gap between ideas and reality. We wholly rely on engineers to design and construct structures that have to withstand time and the elements. Engineers ensure bridges, buildings, automobiles, airplanes, highways, and so on, function safely and effectively so that we can go about our lives normally.

An online engineering and construction degree is available at nearly every degree point including associates, bachelors, masters, and doctorate. Your career in engineering is going to depend on your level of training. Needless-to-say, the most accomplished engineers will typically want to earn at least a masters degree. Career options beyond that are only limited by training and education. Opportunities exist in nearly every industry, including chemical, civil, electrical, nuclear, environmental, industrial, mechanical, and petroleum engineering, plus many others.

Online Degree Choices

While an online associates degree is perfect for someone who wants to work as a technician, under the close supervision of an engineer, most employers are going to want at least a four-year degree for any entry-level job. If you decide to pursue further training, an online masters degree is ideal for engineers who want to work while taking classes. Those wishing to pursue a career in education or research can look into an engineering PhD, the highest qualification one can receive.

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