Doctoral Degree

What is a Doctoral Degree?

A doctorate or doctoral degree is the highest level degree one can attain. Upon earning a doctorate degree, the earner's college or university faculty will traditionally recognize him or her as their peer or academic equal.

What Types of Doctoral Degrees are there?

There are two primary types of doctoral degrees: research doctoral degrees and professional doctoral degrees.

Research doctoral degrees are typically awarded after the candidate concludes his or her research with an academically-reviewed thesis or dissertation. The most commonly awarded research doctoral degrees awarded are Doctor of Philosophy (PhD); as well as Doctor of Education (EdD); and Doctor of Psychology (PsD).

Professional doctoral degrees are awarded in highly-regarded fields such as medicine (MD) and law (JD); the emphasis being on professional licensure instead of research.

Qualifying for a doctorate program is contingent upon first earning a master's degree. Candidates must follow a course of study while conducting unique research, then write a thesis or dissertation, which must then be defended before a faculty committee.

Doctoral degrees usually take at least 3 years or longer to complete, but this time will vary depending upon the program and the student's status, be it full-time or part-time.

Enjoy the benefits of an online Doctoral degree!

An online doctoral degree can open doors to a lifelong career in academia, business, and other professional disciplines as well as a substantially higher yearly salary. The typical doctoral degree holder will earn almost $40,000 more each year than someone with a bachelors degree.

When choosing an online doctoral degree program, the college of your choice will assist you in making the best decision for your educational and career plans.

Feel free to browse the following online doctoral degree program choices and request more information today. When you are finished, use our quick degree finder or click on our online doctoral degrees to get started on the road to the education of your dreams!

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