Art & Design Degrees
Art & Design Degrees

An art and design degree can encompass a wide range of areas by appealing to many creative and technologically inclined students. An online art and design degree is ideal for the student who must split time between personal and professional obligations.

Art and design degrees typically follow a liberal arts course track with an opportunity to focus on a specific industry or career field. A student pursuing an online art and design degree can expect to encounter a core curriculum based on math, history, natural sciences and more. As they move into their degree area, they will have a tremendous breadth of choice ranging from graphic design, interior design, photography, architecture, art history, fine arts, television and video, drama, music, theater, and many more.

For the typical art and design graduate, you can expect diverse career choices including art director, craft artist, fine artist, multimedia artist, printmaker, and many more. The kind of job you seek will ultimately depend on your focus and specialization.

Online Degree Choices

Students can elect to pursue an associate's degree, which will help them get their foot in the door of many organizations, however, the majority of employers nowadays seek applicants with at least a four-year degree.

Two of the most popular art and design degrees are the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and the Master of Fine Arts (MFA). To a potential employer, a BFA will signal a person's commitment to an art and design career while an MFA demonstrates one's passion and determination to achieve the highest academic recognition.

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